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Wedding Cake & Tag

Hello everyone
It is a refreshing day.
Today I made a wedding cake and a tag using Doohickey Vol.14-Afternoontea.

Doohickey Vol.14-Afternoontea contains items that women love.

I made a beautiful window on the four sides of the box and put a cake in it.

I made a flower field with flowers and tags on the box.

Even if you do not open the door, you can see a beautiful wedding cake in the window.

Open the door and cake appears.

There is a lovely petal on the cake.
Small but full of loveliness

I will also introduce a tag made together.
Do you love Doiley?
What's the most lovely Doylie in the world?

 There is a 3 tier cake stand when you open the tag.

3 Pearl drops in the tier cake stand.

Upload a video to create.


Magnolia-DooHickeyVol.14_Afternoon Tea
Magnolia-(DE17)- Denim Tag
Magnolia-(GX17)- Space Medallions
Magnolia-(SA15)- Sakura Lanterns
Magnolia-(VT17)- Decoration
Magnolia-(PE14)- Vintage Photo Frames
Magnolia-(PE14)- Vintage  Frames and Tags
Sizzix-Box, Cupcake (660842)

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