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Peony Gift Bag

Hello everyone.

Beautiful February.

Introducing Magnolia new collection Lovely Emojis.

The name is Okay Tilda.

She is surrounded by peony flowers.

Please come to play with Magnolia ~ ~ OK?

I will simply upload a video to make a peony.

The back was decorated with hydrangea.

Have a nice spring.

Magnolia-[LE-17 ] Okay Tilda
Magnolia-[JM09] Julen ar har
Magnolia-THE VintageBOX 4-Air mail
Magnolia-[TL12] Limited Edition

Magnolia-[CM16] Spanish Singorina Tilda & Roses
Magnolia-[DB_Vol.09 Early Bird] Flower
Magnolia-[CM16] Korean Tilda & Hibiscus
Magnolia-[LI15] Parsley & Rocket Salad
Magnolia-[SA15] Sakura Background
Magnolia-[PE14] Vintage Photo Frames
Magnolia-[SM12] Memory Tag
Magnolia-[WWW15] Follow Me Lace
Magnolia-DooHickeyBOx 11-Gone Camping
Nellie's Choice-[MFD070] Wavy oval
Nellie's Choice-[MFD087] Straight dotted oval
Sizzix-[660840] Bag, Tall
Sizzix-[661097] Mix & Match Flowers

Maja Design-(781) Enjoying Outdoors
- Time for reflection
Maja Design-(407) Ska vi ta en Fika
- Hemma Hos Mig
Maja Design-(598) Vintage Spring Basics
- 9th of March

Tonic Studios-NUVO[0657n]- RASPBERRY PINK
Tonic Studios-NUVO[0653n]- METALIC BRIGHT GOLD
Tonic Studios-NUVO[0668n]-  SWEET LILAC