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Magnolia Advent Calendar - Day 28

Magnolia Advent Calendar - Day 28

Welcome to day 28 of Magnolia Advent Calendar! 
Today is my turn in making the Magnolia Advent Calendar.

오늘은 메그놀리아 강림절 달력 만들기중 제차례 입니다.
메그놀리아 강림절 달력 28일에 오신분들 환영 합니다.


Card to introduce today is the accordion card.
hope you like it as well as I did.

오늘 소개하는 카드는 아코디언 카드 입니다.
제가 좋아한 만큼 당신도 좋아하길 진심으로 바래요 . ^^

The inside of full picture. Theme color is blue.

카드 안쪽 전체 모습 입니다. 컬러는 블루를 선택 했습니다.

The inside of full picture. Theme color is white.

카드의 바깥쪽 전체 모습 입니다.
색상은 화이트로 표현해서 깔끔한 느낌을 주려고 했습니다.

The card covers are made of resin and dyed ribbons.

Dies : Tilda Doily (Magnolia)
Resins : Vintage Little Angels WHITE (Magnolia)

카드 표지는 레진과 염색리본으로 되어 있습니다.
리본을 다이잉크로 염색하여 다소 심심할것 같은 표지를 장식 했습니다.

The first page

Stamps : Snowy Cottage (Magnolia 2014)
Coloring : Water color (Zig Real Brush) with clear glitter

수채화로 컬러링 했고 그위에 투명 글리터를 사용 했어요.
팝업으로 입체감을 따로 표현해서 사실감을 좀 더 주려고 노력 했습니다.
눈내린집 하지만 따스한 느낌!!

The second page : I used a transparent film.

두번째 페이지 뒤에 조명을 넣은 모습입니다.
투명필름을 사용 하였고 겹 붙이기로 원근감도 표현 했어요.
흰색 무광 글리터로 눈을 표현해서 조명이 들어오면 눈내린 숲이 느껴져요.

     The third page : 

Dies : Ornament Pointy Kit (Magnolia) , DooHickey Club™ Vol.2 Christmas

메그놀리아 다이는 너무 사랑 스러워요.
다이만 으로 표현해도 행복한 연말이 표현되는 페이지 입니다.
오너먼트 윗 부분은 글리터 페이퍼가 아니고 클리터 붙이기로 처리 했어요.

Last page : 
Tildas romping around in the snow.
Just imagine!!!

Stamp : Pixie Tilda (Magnolia 2012)

눈속에서 즐겁게 뛰노는 틸다들...
상상해 보세요!!!

Please leave a comment, and you can win a prize from Magnolia.

I will announce the winner on December 31.

댓글을 꼭 남겨주세요..

렌덤으로 추첨 하여 메그놀리아 상을 드립니다.
나는 12월 31일 이곳에 수상자를 발표 할 예정입니다.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

All the best for the New Year!!

제 블로그를 방문해 주셔서 감사합니다.

새해 복많이 받으세요 !!

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  4. I really love this !! so much detail, cool embellishment and so many glitter. Blink - blink. XD. A piece of art, stunning with cute tilda hanging, hahaha,. I hope i have time to make my own project too for christmas.

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    Happy New Year!

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    Hugs, t.

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    Hugs Kasiula

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  10. Wow, this is gorgeous. Love the little village. So beautiful.
    Have a Happy New Year.
    Hugs, Yvon

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    Hugs charlotte

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  13. This is awesome, I love all those gorgeous details, it gives a lot of inspiration to me. Love it.
    Hugs Aartje

  14. Amazing, so beautiful :)

    Happy New Year 2015.

  15. Wow, your card is amazing. I absolutely love the design and all the details you added. Looks fantastic!
    Have a wonderful New Year! xx

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    Happy new year!!

    Hugs Monique

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    I love your work.

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    I keep popping back for a look!
    Hugs, Donna xx

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    I am always impressed by your brilliant idea!
    I look forward to see more of your great arts!!! ^^

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  28. this multi-fold card is so beautiful!

  29. I love it, it's totally amazing! The sceneries are looking so cosy! <3 Love all dies, stamps, and decorations you have used on this card! :-)

  30. Oh my this is just amazing as are all your creations. Totally love it and all the fabulous images too. You are very clever, thank you for being todays advent door, love it. Wishing you all he best for 2015, love Jane x

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  32. Wow! What a beatiful!
    I love all the pages of card.

  33. Wow, what an beautiful accordion card!!
    I love all the different details and your colouring!
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Happy New Year!!
    Hugs Joukje

  34. absolutely beautiful. Amazing details and layout
    hugs Louise

  35. This is magnificent! Every panel is a work of art. No doubt this took a lot of time. Your coloring is beautiful and every detail is perfect.

    hugs and holiday greetings,
    Laura C.

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  37. Amazing card!!!!! You're the best.

  38. Votre réalisation est fabuleuse, même exceptionnelle, j'adore!!!! Une vraie merveille. Bravo !!! Bises. Val

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  40. you're the best of best!!!!!
    i♡u ^_^

  41. Wow, this card is gorgeous!



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  43. What a gorgeous creation! I love everything about it.
    Wish you a happy New Year!
    Hugs, Karina

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    Thanks for the inspiration

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  47. 역시~~^^
    지원쌤 작품은 항상 아이디어가
    반짝반짝 빛이납니다
    멋진작품을 보고 있으니
    제 맘까지 뿌듯해져요~~^^
    happy new year~~

  48. It's just awesome! Such a beautiful winter scene - a magnificent project!

  49. Oh, really ... It's a colossal amount of work and effort. Seureopneyo delicate fine. ^^
    Anonymous said no to rewrite the comment ^^


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