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Magnolia Village [Shrink Film tutorial]

It is a beautiful day.
Today, I did a wonderful craft work with Magnolia Dye.
Happy time we are together ~~

I want to live in this small and pretty house.

These houses are very small, made of Shrink Film.
Magnolia Village in your hand

I will show you a simple Shrink Film tutorial.

Magnolia-(WL13)- New York
Magnolia-(SF16)- Happy Memories Kit

Magnolia-(AH16)- Cross with Dove
Magnolia-(CM16)- Spanish Singorina Tilda & Roses
Magnolia-(CM16)- Netherlands Tilda & Tulips
Magnolia-(LI15)- Oregano & Basil
Magnolia-(Vol.12 Early Bird)- Gingerbread House
Magnolia-(WW13)- Big House
Magnolia-(WW13)- Little House


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