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Magnetic board bag [DooHickeyBox Vol.20 -School]

Hello everyone!
This is my latest DT project to Magnolia. 

Today is a magnetic board bag made of Doohickey 20.
This series is a school subject.

The outer surface is like this.

 On the left is Tilda's study room.

 The right side is the magnetic board.

 Thread and needles, embroidery frame Is it so lovely?

 Let's decorate Tilda's study room.

 Bookmarks made with scissors.
It is the most adorable in this series.

 Wooden pallets.

Magnolia-(TL12)- Autumn Tilda with Pencils

Magnolia-DooHickeyBox Vol.20 -School
Maja Design


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  1. Adorable! I always look so forward to Get home to be able to craft, when I see Your Designs. But I ned to Find the time. I also ned to clean up My craft rom. 😂😂😂
    Adorable school theme! Love Your colouring as always.