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Baby Album

Baby albums on DooHickey13

sequence of the work

1.Ready:Each page of the paper card, BABY die-cuts alphabets, Design paper

Album Paper Size:2 3/4"x5", 4 3/4"x5", 6"x5", 8 1/4"x5"

2.After cutting two sheets makes the flowers.

3.Coloring a dog with flowers, lace to decorate the first page.

4.Baby clothes using die-cut makes the tag


5.Put a magnet in the paper makes automatically locked.

6.Insert the hanger and stamping.

7.Put the pictures decorated the page with Magnolia Flower.

8.butterflies and leaves :Prepare a die-cut sheet 2.

9.And decorated with pictures and flowers.

10.Create a picture frame to frame with die cut.

11.Create a name manners.

12.Please make a window frame.

13.Decorate the last page to the sofa and curtains stamp.


Magnolia-(CF10)- Tilda In Bunny Slippers
Magnolia-(LF14)- Bunny Prince
Magnolia-(LF14)- Little Trumpety with Bow
Magnolia-(LD15)- Lovely Couch
Magnolia-(OUT13)- Theater Curtain


Magnolia-DooHickey 4_Le Jardin
Magnolia-(WC10)- Peony Petals
Magnolia-(SR11)- Vintage Daisies
Magnolia-(SCD11)- Hellebores
Magnolia-(_BD11)- Swirly Butterfly
Magnolia-(LI15)- Oregano & Basil
Magnolia-(SS16)- Forget me not Corner
Magnolia-(Vol.05 Early Bird)- Celebration
Magnolia-(AY14)- Vintage Square
Magnolia-(OUT13)- Flags
Magnolia-(SR11)- Vintage Keys


Maja Design-(754) Vintage Baby
Maja Design-(596) Vintage Spring Basics- 




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Magnolia-DooHickey 13

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