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Be careful of cold.

Today 's cards are cards using the Halloween calendar.

The used envelope...
13 Nights of Halloween Day1 ,Day6 ,Day11

When you opened the first envelope of the Halloween calendar,
I was so happy to have a beautiful stamp.

Tilda lying in bed is so lovely. 

The sixth envelope contained a chart, and the eleventh envelope contained a love stethoscope.
Opening envelopes one by one is very interesting and anticipated.

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Love Stethoscope [13 Nights of Halloween Day11]

Today's mini card is a love stethoscope.
The 11th Halloween calendar contains a stethoscope die.

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13 Nights of Halloween Day2

Fans of Magnolia Hello.
I'll show you a toothbrush card today.

 Is it so cute?

I have two more cards and I will post them on 11th.