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Tilda's mailbox [Automatic volume card]

Hello everyone!
This is my latest DT project to Magnolia. 

 The cover was vintage.

A simple 'Automatic volume card' tutorial video.

[Video Subtitle]

For the you will need:
Use MagnoliaDie-VintageBOX vol 3_Air mail
Magnolia stamp-(WWW15)-Mail Tilda
(RC10)Postbag With Loveletters
(VA09)Love Post

Prepare a 4 1/2 "x 6 inch  paper.[11.5 x15 cm]
Score it at 2"inches [[5cm]- on the long side of the cardstock.
Sketch the mailbox lid and cut it.

Prepare a 1/2 "x 6 1/2 inch  paper.[1.5x16.5cm]
Score it at 1" [2.5cm], 5 1/2 inches[14cm] - on the long side of the cardstock.

Prepare a 5 1/2 "x 12 inch  paper.[14 x30.5cm]
The long side of the card stock is scored as 6 inches,[15cm]
Fold in half and prepare

Connect the end of the sliding bar to the mailbox, and follow the footage.

Sketch and cut mailbox milestones.
It will paste like a video

Attach the adhesive paper to the bottom of the mailbox, except where the sliding bar moves.

Fix the end of the sliding bar to the cardstock half position.

Attach the adhesive tape to the end 1 "[2.5cm] of the sliding bar and cover the card paper.
When you open the card, pop-ups of mailboxes are executed.

3D mailbox appears when card is opened.

Lovely tilda.

Magnolia-(WWW15)-Mail Tilda
Magnolia-(RC10)Postbag With Loveletters
Magnolia-(VA09)Love Post

Magnolia-VintageBOX vol 3_Air mail
Maja Design-Summertime

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