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Christmas Heart Box

The project 'Christmas Heart Box' in ' Doohickeybox Vol.17-Silent Night' magazine.

It is a pretty Christmas heart box that can present Christmas cookies.


Opening the heart box is filled with love.

Tilda and Edwin are holding heart letters on the box lid.

[How to Open Heart Letter]

 Pull out the envelope cover from the bottom of the ribbon.

Open the top of the heart.

Please open the side of the heart.

The production method is detailed in 'Doohickeybox Vol.17-Silent Night'.


Magnolia-[VintageBOX 5_Blue Bird ] -Heart Die
Magnolia-(YS11)- Romantic Lace
Magnolia-(PP12)- Scalloped Stiched Lace
Magnolia-(LF14)- Groom Bow
Magnolia-(MW16)- Student Tilda with Sign
Magnolia-(MW16)- Student Edwin with Sign

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