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Wild West

Hello Everyone is a beautiful Monday.

My DT work to introduce today is Wild West made with frame.

 I presented a wonderful band to my card.

The horse saddle is the die used in Doohickey8.

Let's open it.

Cool cowboy Edwin is a mini-stamp.

Coloring used Le Plume Marker.

 The cactus is the die of PopUP BOX 1.
Shrink Film Technique made in mini.

I hope my card is a fun time.

I will show you how to make it.

[Core dimensions]

The base of the card uses a full 7"x 11 inch piece of card stock.
 I scord it at  1/2" ,2",5" and 6 1/2"  in the "long" direction and then 1 1/2",  and 4 1/2 in the other direction.


Magnolia-(Mini World 13OUT-08)Lucky Edwin
Magnolia-(Mini World 13OUT-09)Golden Creek Background


Magnolia-VintageBOX 5_Blue Bird
Magnolia-Doohickeybox 8_Pets&Animals
Magnolia-VintageBOX3_Air mail
Magnolia-PopUP BOX- ONE_Fiesta

See you next post
Thank you for visiting my blog.

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  1. OMG!!!!!
    Jiwon you are spectacular! a smart crafter with lots of brilliant idea!
    This is WOW!!

    xoxo, Yulis

    1. Beloved Yulis !!
      You are an angel to present a beautiful praise ~ ~

  2. Your ideas are out of this world!
    FANTASTIC card!!!

    1. Thanks for the cool comment
      I hope it was a fun time.
      I'm so happy.

  3. Wow! That is awesome!!! You always have the best ideas...

    1. Dear.Laura Corkill.
      It is a wonderful praise.
      Thank you so much and love you.