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Spring in South Korea

Hello everyone, Magnolia fans.
Do you know that there is Korean Tilda?

I am so happy to have made Korean Tilda.
Thank you once again Magnolia.
This dress is Korean traditional costume.

The name of this dress is 'Hanbok'.
The accessories that decorate the skirt are called 'norigae'.
The clouds are so oriental and beautiful too.
I also cherry blossomed.
I made the inside as a pop-up peacock.

The peacock feathers are blooming.
Is it beautiful?

The message has a leaf of green.
Is the leaf so cute?


Magnolia-(CM16)- Korean Tilda & Hibiscus
Magnolia-(AY14)- Leaf Corner


Magnolia-VintageBOX 1-Paris Noel
Magnolia-DooHickey 6_Harvest
Magnolia-(9 Early Bird)- Flower
Magnolia-(SR11)- Mini Doily
Magnolia-(SA15)- Sakura Yin & Yang
Magnolia-(SA15)- Sakura Water Lily
Magnolia-(PP12)- Round Talk/Thought bubbles
Magnolia-(SM13)- Peacock
Magnolia-(OUT13)- Peacock Feathers
Magnolia-(SA15)- Sakura Lanterns
Magnolia-(LF14)- Spring Flower Lace


Maja Design-Summertime



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