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Baby Exploding Box

Baby Exploding Box on DooHickey13


1.Score your 12” piece of cardstock for the box inside pages at 4” and 8”.
Turn 90 degrees and repeat to score into nine even squares.

2.Cut your outer squares off, leaving a cardstock cross.

3.Take your 6 1/8” piece of cardstock and stamp to decorate. 
Score at 1” on each side.

4.Cut four of the short scored lines as shown. 
It will create small flaps. These will be your glue taps. 

5.Cut the glue tabs down a bit so they won’t show when you tape them down. 
Add ScorTape to each tab. Tape your lid together.

6.The cutting of the Magnolia die.

7.With die-cut makes the lid handle.

8.After an attached 10-fold die cut Santas Sleigh
It gives ran a bicycle wheel.

9.Coloring the tilda.

10.Decorate baby clothes.

11.The decorative rabbit.

12.Also decorated horses and ducks.

13.The decoration made with felt flowers die-cut.


Magnolia-(CF10)- Tilda In Bunny Slippers


Magnolia-DooHickey 1_Summer
Magnolia-DooHickey 8_My Best Friend - Pets&Animals
Magnolia-DooHickey 2_All I Want for Christmas
Magnolia-DooHickey 9_Fairytale
Magnolia-DooHickey 10_Buzz Buzz
Magnolia-(SS16)- Heart Background
Magnolia-(Vol.05 Early Bird)- Celebration
Magnolia-(SR11)- Vintage Daisies
Magnolia-(SR11)- Mini Doily
Magnolia-(ACS12)- Cute Wings
Magnolia-(SS16)- Poppy
Nellie's Choice- (085)- Straight dotted round
Nellie's Choice- (MFD086)- Straight dotted square


Maja Design-(754) Vintage Baby
Maja Design-(809) Home for the Holidays- Brought y a gift
Maja Design-(745) Vintage Baby- Cutie



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