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Romantic vintage card

Welcome to the JiWon  Blog.
Happy is November.
Romantic vintage card made using Magnolia Vintage Box Vol.1
Beautiful rubber stamp that has pleased me.




[Making  tutorial]
Mount the rubber stamp.
 Separates the dies using the Metal Snippers.
 And cutting the paper.
 Paint the jesso.
 Paint the acrylic paint.
 The stamping.
The coloring.
The finished using Transparent Cristal Drop.
Constitute beautifully.

댓글 3개:

  1. Gosh!! this is so Stunning!!.. Gorgeous!! Fantastic Colours and Beautiful Details.. Lovely put together!! FAB and Amazing Card!!

  2. Wooow, This is so amazing, so many colors and so much detail in just one card. It's stunning!!
    Hugs, Irene

  3. 프레임을 반 접은것 만으로 독특한 쉐입이 나오네요. 어째 이 생각을 못했을까요.
    늘 선생님께 많은걸 배웁니다.^^